Invest with Us

The Partnership was established to provide Limited Partners with an opportunity to participate in the returns available from a development project located in the Village of Carp, Ontario.

The Project:

  • Phase One (completed): 3773 Carp Road (cafĂ© and two apartments); 3775 Carp Road (former Anglican Church Rectory) flower/gift shop; and 107 Falldown Lane (The White House) rental.
  • Phase Two (anticipated 2017-2018): a 7-storey, 124-suite Retirement Residence with a gross floor area of approximately 103,000 sq. ft. on two individual properties known as 452 & 458 Donald B. Munro Drive, adjacent to Phase One.

Accredited investors are eligible to invest in Carp Retirement Properties Limited Partnership which is overseeing the development and construction of the new buildings, the modification of the existing buildings, and the operation of the project. The Partnership has engaged a professional retirement residence management company to assist with the operations of the The Rectory.

The budgeted cost of the project is approximately $35 million. Of this amount, a little over $10 million is being raised in equity in the form of Limited Partnership units. To date, subscriptions in the partnership have been predominantly local. The minimum investment is $150,000. For those purchasing in excess of the minimum, LP Units are denominated at $50,000.

For more information please contact:
Carp Retirement Properties
P.O. Box 485 – 107 Falldown Lane
Carp, ON K0A 1L0

Tel: 613 292 0701